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A Wealth of Experiences

Welcome to “A Wealth of Experiences“, a project that connects the Ligurian coast with inland areas offering tourists an innovative and unique experience, with a dedicated travel service from Sestri Levante, Cavi di Lavagna, Lavagna and Chiavari.

Thanks to our experiences, come and explore the splendidParco dell’Aveto Valleys, immerse yourself in exhilarating adventures, savour local food delicacies and wine, and allow yourself to be enchanted by the history and natural beauty of the area.

Come with us on an unforgettable journey which will leave you with precious memories and an authentic experience.


Experience the wonders of Inland Liguria

Discover Our Experiences

Explore our calendar of unique experiences in the Inland Areas of Liguria. Discover exciting activities, workshops, guided tours, food and wine tasting events that will make your journey memorable. For an unforgettable adventure.


Discover the charm of Inland Liguria

Explore the Experiences section to discover all the events. Find detailed information about our experiences, activities and how to book them. Do you need more information? Contact us and start to plan your Inland Liguria adventure!

Explore, savour, learn

Authentic experiences in Inland Liguria, guided by the hearts of local people

Unique experiences

Authentic and unforgettable experiences in Inland Liguria, to discover the true essence of the region through excursions, guided tours, workshops, food and wine tasting events...

Guaranteed service

Regular service with guaranteed departures (maximum participants: 20) and a dedicated travel service from/to Sestri Levante, Cavi di Lavagna, Lavagna and Chiavari.

Natural beauty spots

Inland Liguria is rich in breathtaking views among green hills, historic villages and unique scenery. Come and discover the wonders of nature.

History and Culture

An opportunity to immerse yourself in the the history and culture of Inland Liguria, visit historic sites, museums and take part in cultural events.

Expert guides

The experiences are carried out by expert local guides who share their knowledge, making every activity educational and interesting.

Quality food and wine

Inland Liguria is famous for its cuisine and wines. Activities include tasting local products so you can savour the authentic flavours of the region.

Events calendar for July, August and September

Don’t miss out!

Discover all the fascinating experiences waiting for you in our calendar. Download the .pdf to plan your trip to Inland Liguria so you don’t miss out on any of our unique experiences.

Journeys that make a difference

Authentic, connected and sustainable experiences

Our tourism offer stands out because it is directly connected to the local community, supporting the local economy and safeguarding traditions. We strive to work in a sustainable way, respecting the environment and promoting eco-friendly practices.